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A lot of Android news at Google IO 2015

During its two-and-a-half-hour keynote Google announced a lot of Android news, like the upcoming Android M (latest Android version), Android Pay and a lot more.

Google IO 2015

Google IO 2015

Here are the Android highlights of the Google IO event:

Android M

The latest version of Android (codename M) made its highly anticipated debut during the Day 1 keynote. Google is focussing on fixing bugs and better power management. USB-C support is coming to Android M, so devices can charge faster.
Also security gets more attention, with better user-rights-management. Apps will ask permission the 1st time you use a feature, and you don’t have to agree to permissions if it doesn’t make sense to you.
A new feature called Now on Tap, will be added to Android M allowing users to pull up information at any time. Android M will be released at the 3rd quarter of 2015.

Android Pay

Android Pay will be the successor of Google Wallet. Android users will be able to press their phone screens to authorize a payment, and Google is working to standardize fingerprint payments across Android devices, as you may have read in this article a week ago.

Android Wear

Google is bringing “always on” to apps to the Android Wear, which could be useful if you’re using Maps for example. Google also revealed there are currently more then 4000 apps available for Android Wear. A lot more then its rival Apple Watch, which only has about 3000 apps available.

New apps and improvements of existing apps

  • Jump – Google anounced a new project, called jump which lets anyone create VR video for sharing.
  • Google maps – This year maps will be available offline and also voice turn-by-turn directions will work offline.
  • Google Photos – Google has a new photo service called Photos. Photos will help users find images organized by collections. This service offers free unlimited storage for 16MP pictures and 1080p video. It’s available on the web, Android and iOS.