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Kodi 15.0 RC2 released

Two weeks after RC1 the second Release Candidate for Kodi 15.0 codenamed Isengard has been released and contains many improvements/bug fixes.



Among the changes found in this latest Kodi release candidate are many fixes, various technical changes, and other minor improvements. Kodi 15.0 overall is bringing improved closed captions support, UI enhancements, Android H.265 support for some chipsets, 4k@60Hz support for the NVIDIA SHIELD, and a variety of other improvements.

Improvements include:

• Various improvements in PVR section. This includes skin support and new PVR add-ons
• Complete video database clean-up session on stored data (no data will be lost). This may take some time on first run
• ffmpeg 2.6.2 update which bring better codec compatibility and playback
• Improved CC (Closed Captions) support for Live TV
• Fix the queuing of music videos
• Improvement of FF/RW (fast-forward / rewinding) of videos
• And many more…

Bug fixes since RC 1 version

• Fix endless loop in PVR section which causes high CPU load
• Fix crash on opening conext menu item
• Fix sorting by episodes
• Don’t try to use hardware decoding for h264/10bit video files (don’t confuse with h265/10bit)
• Fix playback of certain HEVC files
• Avoid freezing/deadlock in peripheralmanager
• Fix genres in smartplaylists
• Fix grouping by artists in smartplaylists
• Fix video calibration for Android
• Make sure to download the OBB file when Play Store doesn’t
• Some other technical changes….
You can download Kodi 15.0 RC2 here.