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It runs on Linux

Remix OS 1.5 officially released

Remix OS 1.5 is now available for everyone. Remix OS is a tweaked Android version, with a desktop interface.

Remix OS

Remix OS

Remix OS features a taskbar at the bottom of the screen, so you can easily manage & switch between running apps. It also has handy apps pre-installed, like a File Manager, Office Suite, E-Mail Client, and a Notes app.

Upgrades to 1.5 are available for the announced Cube tablet as reported a month ago. Also the ultra-tablet from Jide, which was also announced a month ago gets an upgrade to 1.5. And last but not least there’s also a version for the Google Nexus 10 tablet available.

Release Notes:

General System Improvements

  • Added: Open notification by swiping down anywhere on the screen
  • Fixed: Empty folders automatically disappear
  • Fixed: Open Desktop application folder, the folder is automatically shut down
  • Fixed: System crash after setting password bug
  • Improved: Additional apps now Phone-mode compatible
  • Improved: Eliminate start the wizard finishes running, the system response is too slow black screen problem
  • New Feature: Browser, Email to support copy, paste, and search functions
  • New Feature: CAPS Lock appears in top right hand corner status bar
  • New Feature: For apps pinned on the Taskbar, dragging off the taskbar when open closes the app and dragging off the taskbar when closed removes app from Taskbar
  • New Feature: Keyboard supports OTA firmware upgrade
  • New Feature: Resizable app windows while in phone mode (Experimental)
  • New Feature: Apps opened in Phone Mode can be pinned (Experimental)


  • Improved: Smoother address bar animation in Browser


  • Improved: Email Setup process streamlined into one step rather than three steps
  • New Feature: Email now supports calendar attachments
  • New Feature: File Manager now supports mouse multiple selection and CTRL + Click

File Manager

  • New Feature: Added files organization by apps
  • New Feature: Added image and video preview support
  • New Feature: File Manager now supports Drag and Select as well as CTRL + Click
  • Notes
  • Fixed: Notes crash bugs


  • Improved: System volume can be directly adjusted in Settings
  • New Feature: App notification management is now available in Settings
  • New Feature: Disable trackpad is now available in Settings


Read more about it here.