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Will Microsoft Windows 10 run Android Apps?

Microsoft is still experimenting with running Android Apps on Windows.

Windows 10/Android

Windows 10/Android

Since the anouncement of the upcoming Windows 10 there are strong rumors that Microsoft has plans to let Android Apps run on top of Windows.

The project has not received the full green light (yet) for inclusion in the final release for Windows 10, but it’s still being considered & actively developed, according to insiders.

The reasons why Microsoft still didn’t give green light is that there are legal issues & because of patent issues in the past between Microsoft & Google, it could be a show-stopper.
Another issue will be application development; it could negatively affect future development of native apps for Windows.

But if the Windows Phone platform will still have a low marketshare in the future this would be the only way for Microsoft to survive, especially on mobile devices…