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It runs on Linux

Windows 10 will run Android and iOS apps

Just a month after rumors about Windows 10 running Android apps, Microsoft is going after Android and iOS developers. Astoria will allow Android apps to run in Windows and with Islandwood iOS developers will be able to take their iOS apps and build them for Windows.

Windows 10  Android iOS

Windows 10 Android iOS

Microsoft’s goal is to make it easier for developers to bring existing apps to the Windows Store. Android app developers can re-use much of the Java and C++ code for their apps, add integration to Windows features, and submit their apps to the Play Store. Astoria will include an Android runtime layer that’ll let them run existing Android apps (both Java and C++) unmodified. Unlike Islandwood, which will require iOS developers themselves to recompile their software to bring it to Windows, Astoria will in principle work with any old APK, without requiring the developer to do anything but publish the app in the store.

Microsoft’s work is to make Windows 10 the platform for developers. It will give them one app platform that spans phone, tablet, PC, hybrid, and console. And of course the consumers will benefit from it.