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It runs on Linux

Your Android device controls robot race cars with Anki OVERDRIVE

Anki OVERDRIVE introduces a new kind of race game, with magnetic car tracks and robot race cars. The robot race cars can be controlled with your Android device.



The starter kit consists of 10 pieces of straight and curved flexible track that snap together magnetically and includes 2 cars.

The robot race cars are customizable with hundreds of new virtual weapons, upgrades and special items for an all-out vehicular mayhem, according to the US based toy firm Anki. AI allows each car to fully control itself on the track and use diverse strategies to fight to the finish.

The Anki OVERDRIVE starter kit includes

  • 2 Supercars
  • 6 90° Curved Track Pieces
  • 4 Straight Track Pieces
  • 2 Riser Pieces
  • 1 4-Car Charging Platform
  • 1 Tire Cleaner

See the video below to see Anki OVERDRIVE in action.

The Anki OVERDRIVE will be available September this year for about $150 USD and is suitable for both Android and iOS devices.