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It runs on Linux

Antergos version 2015.04.12

Antergos, a Linux distribution running the GNOME 3.16 desktop environment is now upgraded to version 2015.04.12.



The most notable updates are the installer, Cnchi v.0.8.0 and GNOME 3.16.

Cnchi v0.8.0 (stable) installer changes:

  • LUKS encryption in advanced install
  • Added SMB and Firefox features
  • Added keyring initialisation
  • Auto partition code has been rewritten
  • Using urllib to download packages in download.py (aria2 is also available).
  • Updated how we interact with pyalpm
  • We use our own version of timezonemap (coded in python)
  • Show hour in timezonemap (like Gnome3 does)
  • Hwinfo won’t be needed anymore
  • Numix gtk included and removed faenza icon theme
  • Packages.xml uses a new structure
  • Activate ligthdm-lockscreen and numix frost gnome shell in Gnome.
  • Set Cinnamon theme to “Numix Frost”
  • Added a download counter.
  • A lot of changes in our CSS
  • Added plank numix theme, ffmpegthumbnailer, gsimplecal and oblogout icons to Openbox
  • Use temporary directories for mounting
  • Updated hardware module for the packaging changes for mesa.
  • Removed gnome-extras. Added gnome-* to packages.
  • Added logging to pac.py to help debug problems when downloading/installing
    Bootinfo.py detects installed OSes
  • Allow Gummiboot usage when using UEFI
  • Check mirror score to exclude mirrors that are responsive but out of sync
  • Renamed NoX to base
  • Allow different language and keyboard layout combinations (added an option to show all locations in location screen)
  • New geoserver, coords in different order.
  • Added parameter -f –force to run Cnchi even when it detects another instance
  • Enable haveged service and avahi with cups

You can download a Live Install Image which includes a fully working GNOME 3.16 environment that you can use before making any changes to your system.
Or you can download the Minimal Install Image which includes only what is required to run our installer and thus offers a much smaller initial download.

Head of here for the downloads.