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It runs on Linux

Command & Conquer revival on Linux, with OpenRA

OpenRA is an open source project that revives the classic Command & Conquer game titles, like Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert.



OpenRA’s primary focus is cross-platform multiplayer between Linux, Windows, and OS X.

The June 2015 release of OpenRA also features a map editor, with the following benefits and features:

  • Fully cross-platform, just like the game itself.
  • Truly WYSIWYG. It uses the game renderer, so there are no more rendering glitches.
  • Support for all mods. The legacy editor did not support Dune 2000 properly, and Tiberian Sun not at all.

According to the OpenRA developers “another new feature with a lot of potential is the added operating system integration of OpenRA. The installers will associate the game with OpenRA replay files and OpenRA server URLs. These will allow websites hosting replay archives to add one-click watching of replays, and creating alternative server browsers.”

Read more about the OpenRA 20150614 release here.