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Debian Installer Jessie RC 3

The Debian Installer team announced the third release candidate of the installer for Debian 8  “Jessie”.

Debian installer

Debian installer

The Debian Installer Jessie RC3 offers better firmware detection, SD-card image support improvements, mirror lists updates & many other changes/improvements.


* apt-setup:
– Stop enabling backports by default (#764982).
* clock-setup:
– Disable e2fsck superblock time check if RTC is set to local time
* choose-mirror:
– Refresh mirrors list (now includes httpredir.debian.org as an
official replacement of http.debian.net).
* debian-installer:
– Restore shortcuts (install, installspk, expert, menu, etc.) on
help screens (#764154, #781853, #781992).
* flash-kernel:
– Bump u-boot-tools to Recommends, so that network connectivity is
no longer needed during hd-media installs on several armel, armhf,
and arm64 platforms (#780994).
* hw-detect:
– Improve missing firmware detection to avoid false positives once
firmwares have been loaded (#779546).
* netcfg:
– Fix hang with DHCPv6 stateful addressing (#768188).
* partman-target:
– Dont add any extra USB devices to /etc/fstab (#761815).
* systemd:
– Avoid duplicate entries in 70-persistent-net.rules (#765577).
Hardware support changes

* debian-installer:

– Add SD-card image build support for hd-media builds on armhf.
– Add SD-card image and tftpboot tarball build support for netboot
builds on armhf.
– Add a symlink boot.scr.uimg in the armhf netboot.tar.gz to support
network autoboot with modern u-boot versions.
* debian-installer, linux:
– powerpc: Add fb-modules udeb containing radeonfb driver (#782058).
* debian-installer, u-boot:
– armhf/u-boot-sunxi: Add support for Olimex A20-OLinuXino-MICRO and
LinkSprite pcDuino3, and ship SD-card images for those.
* flash-kernel:
– Pass the u-boot console variable to the kernel in bootscr.cubox-i
and bootscr.wandboard (#782016).
– Add a machine db entry for the Wandboard Dual Lite / Solo.
* grub2:
– Fix UEFI boot failure with some firmware that returns incorrect
paths (#735960).
* rootskel:
– Use new G5 windfarm modules to avoid fans at full speed (#781936).