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It runs on Linux

Enlightenment 0.19.7 Desktop Environment

The developers of the lightweight desktop environment Enlightenment (used in various Linux distributions) announced their 0.19.7 release.

Enlightenment Desktop Environment

Enlightenment Desktop Environment

According to the Enlightenment team Enlightenment is in the transition from X11 to Wayland. They state “We are fully committed to moving to Wayland eventually as this is definitely the future of the graphical display layer on Linux.”

Enlightenment 0.19.7 is mainly a hotfix release and improves compatibility with versions of EFL prior to the 1.15 series.


  • Use runtime check for determining x11 compositor grab behavior.
  • Improve x11 compatibility with efl versions earlier than 1.15.


You can download Enlightenment 0.19.7 here.