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Fedora 22 Alpha Server for AARCH64 and POWER64

An Alpha release of Fedora 22 Server for the AARCH64 and POWER 64 CPU architectures is available now.

Fedora Server

Fedora Server

Two weeks ago the Fedora developers already released the Fedora 22 Alpha Server version for the mainstream (32-Bit) CPU architectures & now it’s available for the AARCH64 and POWER 64 64-Bit architectures.

The Fedora 22 Alpha Server release contains several new features like:

  • Database Server Role: Fedora 21 introduced Rolekit, a daemon for
    Linux systems that provides a stable D-Bus interface to manage
    deployment of server roles. The Fedora 22 release adds onto that
    work with a database server role based on PostgreSQL.
  • Cockpit Updates: The Cockpit Web-based management application has
    been updated to the latest upstream release which adds many new
    features as well as a modular design for adding new functionality.

Please remind this is an Alpha release, so it’s not wise to use it in a production environment.

Downloads are available here.