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Filesystem issue solved in Linux Kernel 4.1-rc5

As reported yesterday a serious bug is present in Linux Kernel 4.0.x which is related to filesystem corruption. Developer Neil Brown released a fix to solve this issue.

Linux Kernel

Linux Kernel

This RAID corruption issue has now been fixed in the latest kernel Git code.

Md bugfixes from Neil Brown:

“I have a few more raid5 bugfixes pending, but I want them to get a bit
more review first. In the meantime:

– one serious RAID0 data corruption – caused by recent bugfix that
wasn’t reviewed properly.

– one raid5 fix in new code (a couple more of those to come).

– one little fix to stop static analysis complaining about silly rcu
This fix will be found in tomorrow’s release of Linux Kernel 4.1-rc5.

Read more about it here.