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It runs on Linux

Fotoxx 15.05, a good Gimp alternative

Most Linux users will find Gimp vastly oversized for their needs, so maybe Fotoxx is a good alternative!



Fotoxx is a user-friendly and neat, and yet very advanced photo manipulation software that is worth trying.

The effects are simple to use and understand and a real-time preview of what they will show is always available.

Fotoxx Capabilities

  • Internal processing in 24 bits per color (float), image file output in 8 or 16 bits.
  • Metadata editing and reporting (tags, dates, captions, geotags, ratings … )
  • Thumbnail browser / navigator with variable size thumbnails and list view.
  • Camera RAW file conversion with retention of 16 bits per color.
  • A comprehensive set of image edit, retouch and repair functions: brightness, color, contrast, tone mapping, trim, resize, rotate, de-noise, paint, clone, red eyes, write text, warp, HDR, panorama, art effects …
  • Select image areas or objects, edit separately from background, copy and paste.
  • Rapid visual feedback using the full image or selected zoom-in area.
  • Batch tools for file renaming, resizing, converting, adding and revising metadata.
  • Search images using any metadata, directory / file names or substrings.
  • Geotag mapping and reporting by location or by clicking on a geographic map.
  • Create albums (collections or “views”) with images from various directories.
  • Montage: arrange images and text in an arbitrary (huge) layout.
  • Slide show with various animated transitions, image zoom-in.
  • Comprehensive user guide and help popups.


If you want to see Fotoxx in action, click at the video below.

Head over here to go the download section (several Linux flavors supported) of Fotoxx.