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GCC 5 Compiler will be released soon

GCC developers will have the 1st GCC 5 release candidate ready in April, this year.

GNU GCC Compiler

GNU GCC Compiler


And the developers expect to have the final version ready probably at the end of April, this year.

Here’s the status message, as stated in the mailing list of gcc.gnu.org;



The trunk is open for regression and documentation fixes only.

We’ve come a long way towards the release criteria of zero P1 bugs.
There are still a few remaining P1s though and we are targeting
for a GCC 5 release candidate in the first week of April (given
those P1 bugs are either fixed or demoted to P2).

Please make sure your non-primary/secondary ports build and look
for the low-hanging fruits in cleaning up your ports testsuite

Please also prioritize fixing P1s and avoid pushing in risky
fixes for P2s that might end up causing regressions. We are still
seeing way too many changes in the IPA area (hi Honza!).
Backporting a trunk fix for GCC 5.2 is a more reasonable thing
for this kind of fixes at this point.


Head over here for the gcc.gnu.org mailing list.