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KDE Frameworks 5.12.0 released

Today the KDE team announced the release of KDE Frameworks 5.12.0.



This release contains many bug fixes, many updates to the Plasma Framework, the kwallet-query command-line tool was imported for the KWallet Framework, and various other changes.

KDE Frameworks are 60 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well tested libraries with friendly licensing terms.

New in this version

Extra CMake Modules

  • Improve error reporting of query_qmake macro


  • Remove all devices from adapter before removing the adapter (bug 349363)
  • Update links in README.md


  • Adding the option not to track the user when in specific activities (similar to the ‘private browsing’ mode in a web browser)


  • Preserve executable permissions from files in copyTo()
  • Clarify ~KArchive by removing dead code.


  • Make it possible to use kauth-policy-gen from different sources


  • Don’t add a bookmark with url is empty and text is empty
  • Encode KBookmark URL to fix compatibility with KDE4 applications


  • Remove x-euc-tw prober


  • Install kconfig_compiler into libexec
  • New code generation option TranslationDomain=, for use with TranslationSystem=kde; normally needed in libraries.
  • Make it possible to use kconfig_compiler from different sources


  • KDirWatch: Only establish a connection to FAM if requested
  • Allow filtering plugins and applications by formfactor
  • Make it possible to use desktoptojson from different sources


  • Clarify exit value for Unique instances


  • Add QQC clone of KColorButton
  • Assign a QmlObject for each kdeclarative instance when possible
  • Make Qt.quit() from QML code work
  • Merge branch ‘mart/singleQmlEngineExperiment’
  • Implement sizeHint based on implicitWidth/height
  • Subclass of QmlObject with static engine

KDELibs 4 Support

  • Fix KMimeType::Ptr::isNull implementation.
  • Reenable support for KDateTime streaming to kDebug/qDebug, for more SC
  • Load correct translation catalog for kdebugdialog
  • Don’t skip documenting deprecated methods, so that people can read the porting hints


  • Fix CMakeLists.txt to pass KDESU_USE_SUDO_DEFAULT to the compilation so it is used by suprocess.cpp


  • Update K5 docbook templates


  • private runtime API gets installed to allow KWin to provide plugin for Wayland.
  • Fallback for componentFriendlyForAction name resolving


  • Don’t try to paint the icon if the size is invalid


  • New proxy model: KRearrangeColumnsProxyModel. It supports reordering and hiding columns from the source model.


  • Fix pixmap types in org.kde.StatusNotifierItem.xml
  • [ksni] Add method to retrieve action by its name (bug 349513)


  • Implement PersonsModel filtering facilities


  • KPlotWidget: add setAutoDeletePlotObjects, fix memory leak in replacePlotObject
  • Fix missing tickmarks when x0 > 0.
  • KPlotWidget: no need to setMinimumSize or resize.


  • debianchangelog.xml: add Debian/Stretch, Debian/Buster, Ubuntu-Wily
  • Fix for UTF-16 surrogate pair backspace/delete behavior.
  • Let QScrollBar handle the WheelEvents (bug 340936)
  • Apply patch from KWrite devel top update pure basic HL, “Alexander Clay” <tuireann@EpicBasic.org>


  • Fix enable/disable ok button

KWallet Framework

  • Imported and improved the kwallet-query command-line tool.
  • Support to overwrite maps entries.


  • Don’t show “KDE Frameworks version” in the About KDE dialog

Plasma Framework

  • Make the dark theme completely dark, also the complementary group
  • Cache naturalsize separately by scalefactor
  • ContainmentView: Do not crash on an invalid corona metadata
  • AppletQuickItem: Do not access KPluginInfo if not valid
  • Fix occasional empty applet config pages (bug 349250)
  • Improve hidpi support in the Calendar grid component
  • Verify KService has valid plugin info before using it
  • [calendar] Ensure the grid is repainted on theme changes
  • [calendar] Always start counting weeks from Monday (bug 349044)
  • [calendar] Repaint the grid when show week numbers setting changes
  • An opaque theme is now used when only the blur effect is available (bug 348154)
  • Whitelist applets/versions for separate engine
  • Introduce a new class ContainmentView


  • Allow to use highlight spellchecking in a QPainTextEdit


Binary packages of KDE Frameworks 5.12.0 are available here.