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It runs on Linux

Laptop Mode Tools 1.67 released

Laptop Mode Tools version 1.67 is released. With this power-saving package for Linux systems it’s possible to increase battery life of a laptop.

Laptop Mode Tools

Laptop Mode Tools

According to developer Ritesh Raj Sarraf this release has many important bug fixes and as you may notice it features some extensive power tweaks.


  • Relax minimum window size to accommodate low res screens
  • Fix variable name to comply with our “constants” assumptions
  • Get more aggressive in power saving for Intel HD Audio
  • Account Device Mapper devices
  • Add swsusp freeze support
  • Switch battery-level-polling default to True
  • Detect ethernet carrier, early and reliably changes the boolean setting *_ACTIVATE_SATA_POWER to a customizable _SATA_POLICY, with backward-compatible defaults and documentation ( Thanks Yuir D’Elia)


Head over here for the download links.