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Linux 4.0 Kernel released

Linus Torvalds just announced the release of Linux Kernel 4.0, as expected after the RC7 release, last week.

Linus Torvalds

Linus Torvalds

Linux 4.0 Kernel is labeled as a stable release & features a lot of improvements, for example:

System hardware

  • Linux 4.0 Kernel supports new ARM hardware & IBM z13.
  • Logitech HID support is improved.
  • Better support for Toshiba laptops.


  • AMD Radeon drivers features AMDKFD for HSA support, DisplayPort audio support and better fan control support.
  • Intel drivers are now supporting Intel Skylake and several DRM improvements.


  • pNFS block server support.
  • Btrfs RAID 5/6 improvements.
  • New OverlayFS functionality.

As usual a lot of patches & bug-fixes are applied to the Linux 4.0 Kernel. You can read the anouncement from Linux Torvalds here.