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Linux 4.1-rc1 kernel released

Linus Torvalds has released Release Candidate 1 of the Linux 4.1 kernel, just 2 weeks after Linux 4.0 Kernel was released.

Linus Torvalds

Linus Torvalds

The Linux 4.1 kernel adds many new features, optimizations & improvements.


  • Radeon DisplayPort MST support.
  • Virtual GEM graphics driver (vGEM).
  • Intel XenGT vGPU support for Intel graphics virtualization on Linux.
  • The Nouveau DRM driver supports generating its own firmware for the GeForce GTX 750 series.


  • TraceFS added to the Linux kernel.
  • Multi-queue block layer improvements.
  • RAID 5/6 improvements for MD Software RAID.
  • EXT4 now supports file-system level encryption.
  • F2FS enhancements.
  • Btrfs improvements for massive file-systems.
  • XFS updates.
  • Disk drives can now make use of NCQ Autosense (if it’s supported by the hardware).


  • Toshiba and Dell x86 laptop support improvements.
  • Chrome OS Lightbar support.
  • Google Chromebook Pixel 2 support improvements.
  • Force feedback/rumble for Xbox One controllers.
  • Wacom HID support.
  • More eBPF improvements.
  • Linux audio modernization work.
  • Better performance for Cherry Trail / Bay Trail Intel hardware.
  • ASM/x86 code cleaning.
  • x86 and ARM power management improvements.
  • ARM support improvements (including mainline support for the Annapurna Alpine).
  • ACPI for 64-bit ARM (ARM64/AArch64).
  • Better entropy for AMD Bulldozer CPUs.
  • Intel Skylake support (successor to Broadwell CPUs, which will ship this year).
  • eBPF programs can attach to Kprobes as the latest for this universal, in-kernel virtual machine.
  • New PMEM driver.
  • Code clean-ups (thanks to the Outreachy women/GNOME OPW-project.


You can read the official announcement of Linux Torvalds here.