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It runs on Linux

Linux based game console from Valve

Valve officially pins down a launch date for its Linux based Steam Machine game console.

Steam Machine

Steam Machine

Steam Machines are pre-built gaming computers (PC’s) which have SteamOS installed on them, with the Steam client application pre-installed. SteamOS is an open source Linux-based operating system developed for Linux-compatible Steam games. Alienware and CyberPower are the first (PC)manufacturs who will produce Steam Machines.

Valve is trying to add direct Linux support to as many games as possible. At launch, between 1,000 and 1,200 games will be natively supported, according to Valve officials and Dell. Windows based games can be played with the client if a Windows PC is available in the LAN.

You can expect the first steam machines will be in at October the 16th this year and in stores on November the 10th this year.