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Linux Kernel 4.1 Long Term Support

According to a tweet from the Linux Foundation, it appears that the next Long Term Support version of the Linux kernel will be 4.1.

Linux Kernel 4.1 LTS

Linux Kernel 4.1 LTS

Linux kernel 4.1 is currently in development & is expected to be released later this month. Earlier this week Linux kernel version 4.1-rc6 was released.

Linux kernel 4.1 will have a number of new features and of course the nescessary bug fixes.

Here are some highlights of version 4.1:

  • Hardware support: Intel XenGT vGPU support for Intel graphics virtualization and better performance for Cherry Trail / Bay Trail Intel hardware.
  • File-Systems: Btrfs improvements for massive file-systems and TraceFS will be added to the kernel.
  • Optimizations: x86 / ASM code cleaning and eBPF improvements.