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Linux kernel 4.2-rc1

The first release candidate for Linux kernel 4.2 has been released and is available for download.

Linux Kernel

Linux Kernel

Linus Torvalds quotes at the Linux kernel mailing list; “I thought this release would be one of the biggest ones ever, but it turns out that it will depend on how you count. Just counting pure commits, it is indeed one of the bigger rc1’s in recent history, but 3.10-rc1 was almost as big, and then the final 3.10 grew from that more than most. I doubt we’ll match the 3.10 release, since we have been getting progressively better at *not* merging tons of stuff after -rc1.”

“Outside of the “drivers and architectures”, there’s a fair amount of filesystem stuff, including some fundamental changes and cleanups to
symlink handling by Al. And all the usual updates to various filesystems, networking, crypto, tools, testing, you name it.”


  • ALSA core:
    – Procfs codes were cleaned up to use seq_file
    – Procfs can be opt out via Kconfig (only for EXPERT)
    – Two types of jack API were unified finally; now both kctl and input
    jack devs are handled via a single function call.
  • HD-audio
    – Continued code restructuring for the future ASoC driver; now HDA
    controller driver is split to a core helper module.
    – Preliminary codes for Skylake audio support in HDA core.
    – Proper i915 gfx power well management for SKL & co
    – Enabled runtime PM as default for Intel HDMI/DP codecs
    – Newer Tegra chip supports
    – More quirks for Dell headsets, Alienware (with CA0132), etc.
    – A couple of DRM ELD helper API functions
  • ASoC
    – Support for loading ASoC topology maps from firmware, intended to be
    used to allow self-describing DSP firmware images to be built which
    can map controls added by the DSP to userspace without the kernel
    needing to know about individual DSP firmwares
    – Lots of refactoring to avoid direct access to snd_soc_codec where
    it’s not needed supporting future refactoring
    – Big refactoring, cleanup and enhancement for the Wolfson ADSP driver
    – Cleanup series for TI TAS2552 and R-CAR drivers
    – Fixes and improvements on RT56xx codecs
    – Support for TI TAS571x power amplifiers
    – Support for Qualcomm APQ8016 and ZTE ZX296702 SoCs
    – Support for x86 systems with RT5650 and Qualcomm Storm
    – Support for Mediatek AFE (Audio Front End) unit
    – Other various small fixes to ASoC codec drivers
  • Firewire
    – Enhanced to allow non-blocking streams to use timestamp
    – Improve support for DM1500 and BeBoBv3
  • Misc
    – Cleanup of old pci API functions over all PCI sound drivers
    – Fix long-standing regression of the old powermac i2c setup

You can download Linux kernel 4.2-rc1 here.