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Linux kernel 4.2-rc4

Linus Torvalds has released Linux kernel 4.2-rc4. This is mainly a bug fix release. As there are some small fixes regarding the filesystem and code cleanup work.

Linux kernel

Linux kernel

Regarding the bugs due to the code cleanup work, Linus Torvalds states; “So we still had some bugs due to the low-level x86 asm cleanup work, and the 32-bit compat ‘syscall’ instruction (only used on AMD) was subtly broken. That should be all fixed now, so if you run a 64-bit kernel and have 32-bit user space (including things like wine etc) and saw problems earlier, go ahead and update.”
He continues; “Of course, please go ahead and update even if you didn’t see problems, just to test the new rc.” So it really is worth upgrading, even if you didn’t encouter any issues (yet)

Head over here for the download(s) at Kernel.org.