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Linux Kernel 4.2-rc5

Release candidate 5 of Linux Kernel 4.2 has been released. This release is mainly a bug fix release.

Linux Kernel

Linux Kernel

According to Linus Torvalds the official Linux 4.2 release should be released before the end of August, this year.

Linus Torvalds mentions in the Linux kernel mailing list; “We’re getting up there to the later rc’s, but it’s looking like 4.2 might be one of the releases needing more than the usual seven rc releases – things aren’t calming down like I would wish, and we’ve still had some fairly annoying issues pop up.” He continues “For example, there was a core VFS fix merged just yesterday – the bug itself was old, but some changes in this merge window ended up triggering it much more easily.”

You can read the complete announcement here.

Head over here to download Linux Kernel 4.2-rc5.