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Linux Kernel 4.2 released

After a delay of one week, Linux kernel 4.2 is released. Because this kernel is one of the biggest kernel releases in recent times, Linus Torvalds decided to delay this release, so there was more time for bug fixes and optimizations.

Linux Kernel

Linux Kernel

This release introduces rewrites of some of the kernel’s Intel Assembly x86 code, new ARM board support, the new AMDGPU kernel driver, Jitter RNG improvements, NCQ TRIM handling, queue spinlocks and F2FS per-file encryption.

“So here it is, and the merge window for 4.3 is now open. I already have a few pending early pull requests, but as usual I’ll start processing them tomorrow and give the release some time to actually sit”, as mentioned in the announcement of Linus Torvalds.

Head over here to download Linux kernel 4.2.