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It runs on Linux

Linux version of CRYENGINE becomes more mature

Crytek known from its very popular first-person shooter Far Cry promised better Linux support in the very near future, with its CRYENGINE game engine.



CRYENGINE 3.7 features several new additions & improvements like:

  • Character Tool – This new tool unifies the previous Character Editor, the Animation Importer, the Animation Compression Editor and the DBA Editor in one comprehensive tool, with a completely reworked UI.
  • Audio Translation Layer – With the Audio Translation Layer allowing users to use any audio middleware of their choice.
  • Improved Temporal Anti-Aliasing – With just a minimal performance overhead, it provides a vastly more stable image by applying projection matrix jittering.
  • All-new map: Woodland – Built up from the ground with full support for Physics-Based Rendering.

The recent published EULA from CRYENGINE mentions “with one of our next updates” will come the OpenGL/Linux support.
Head over here for the complete release info of CRYENGINE 3.7.