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Mandriva under liquidation

In the past Mandriva S.A. released various popular Linux distributions, but the last years Mandriva was owned by several different shareholders who couldn’t make it a succesful company.



On 22-05-2015 Mandriva was under liquidation, according to this French article.

Mandriva S.A. was a French public software company specializing in Linux and open-source software.

Mandriva, S.A. began as MandrakeSoft in 1998. MandrakeSoft changed its name to “Mandriva” after losing litigation to the Hearst Corporation over the name “Mandrake.”

On January 30, 2012, Mandriva announced that the external entity bid was rejected by a minority share holder and the deal did not go through. At the end of the first semester 2012, a solution to the situation that had appeared in January of the same year was found and a settlement achieved. Mandriva has since been owned by several different shareholders (source: Wikipedia)

A few years ago derivatives like OpenMandriva and Mageia appeared & Mandriva lost its popularity.