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It runs on Linux

MATE 1.10 Desktop Environment, now with better GTK3 support

One of the most lightweight desktop environments, MATE used in numerous distributions of Linux has reached version 1.10.

Mate Desktop Environment

Mate Desktop Environment

This release introduces several new features and a lot of improvements, like better GTK3 support.

This is the changelog:

  • Turn MateRRScreen, GnomeRRConfig and GnomeOutputInfo into a GObject. Thanks to monsta for helping to test this.
  • Add gobject introspection
  • Many RANDR fixes
  • Interface: add automatic-mnemonics key for Gtk xsetting
  • Use GDK_WINDOW_XID for inter-GTK compatibility
  • Updated mpaste for website change
  • Added org.mate.debug GSettings schema
  • Added MateColorButton class to have traditional color selection dialog with GTK3
  • Removed desktop-docs
  • Removed user guide
  • Removed libunique optional dependency
  • Added MateAboutDialog class to have traditional about dialog with GTK3 too

MATE should arrive soon on all GNU/Linux distributions, but if you want it right now you can download it here.