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It runs on Linux

Meet Bella OS 2.2, a user-friendly Linux distribution

Bella OS is a user-friendly Linux distribution, with a customized desktop environment & application base. Version 2.2 is available now.

Bella OS

Bella OS

Bella OS 2.2 is based on Xubuntu 14.04 LTS & uses a highly customized Xfce desktop environment, which includes an application launcher based on Plank & a transparent panel with a modern application menu.

Bella OS 2.2 contains modern & open-source Linux applications, such as VLC Media Player, Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird, Mozilla Thunderbird email and the LibreOffice office suite. With the included Ubuntu Software Center you can download & install several other applications.

System Requirements:

Minimum: 512MB RAM, 8GB disk space, 64bit Processor
Recommended: 1GB RAM, 20GB disk space, 64bit Processor

The 64-bit Launch Edition is a Live DVD ISO image for modern, 64-bit computers. You can install the distribution on your PC or on a VM using the built-in graphical installer. The ISO is available here.