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It runs on Linux

Nano version 2.4 available

The user-friendly, terminal-based text editor Nano version 2.4 is released.



Nano is a text editor which is packaged with a lot of Linux distributions & it now comes with several new features, including ‘undo’ functionality.

The main feature in Nano 2.4 is the introduction of support for the ‘undo/redo’ functions. These ‘undo/redo’ functions can be used by pressing Alt+U to undo & Alt+E to redo the last action.

This is the complete changelog;

GNU nano 2.4.0 – 2015.03.22
2015-03-22 Benno Schulenberg <bensberg@justemail.net>
* src/chars.c (move_mbleft): Start looking for a multibyte char
not at the start of the string, but only as far back as such a
char can possibly be. Change suggested by Mark Majeres.
* src/search.c (findnextstr): Step backward or forward not simply
one byte but one character (possibly multibyte). Fixes Savannah
bug #42175, reported by myself, and the finding of ghosts seen in
* src/winio.c (edit_redraw): Do not center the current line when
smooth scrolling is used. This fixes Savannah bug #42654.


You can download version 2.4 here.