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OpenELEC 6.0 Beta 5 released

The OpenELEC team announced the 5th beta of OpenELEC 6.0. The most visible change in this release is Kodi version 15.1.



OpenELEC is a Linux distribution designed for home theater PCs, Raspberry PI, WeTek and the 1st gen. AppleTV. And it’s based on the Kodi (formerly XBMC) media player.

OpenELEC now officially support WeTek’s WeTek_Play device with a build that installs to internal NAND and dual-boots with Android on an SD Card.

According to the OpenELEC team “under the hood there are updates to ffmpeg 2.6, mesa 10.6, Xorg-1.17, libva 1.6, systemd v219, binutils 2.25, Glibc 2.21, libressl 2.1.7, LLVM-3.6 and Kernel 4.1 (except for iMX6 and WeTek_Play).”

Head over here for the official announcement.

You can download OpenELEC 6.0 Beta 5 here.