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It runs on Linux

Screenlets a tool to add desktop widgets in Linux

Screenlets are widgets & they serve as eye candy besides improving overall system experience of modern Linux-desktops.



Features of Screenlets

  • Easy from End-user point as well as from Developer point of view.
  • A wide range of screenlets/widget to choose from.
  • Deploy Google gadgets on screenlets engine.
  • Full compositing Support.
  • Works with any composited X desktop as well as non-composited desktop.
  • Fully Scalable.
  • Embedded Drag & Drop.
  • Highly Customizable.
  • Automatic options saving.
  • Themes feature supported.

You can download and install screenlets from the repository, most of the modern Linux distribution includes screenlets to be downloaded from default repository. Read the instrucions how to install Screenlets here.