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It runs on Linux

Tiny Core Linux 6.3 released

The Core Project has released version 6.3 of Tiny Core Linux. Tiny Core Linux is a highly modular Linux distribution with community build extensions.

Tiny Core Linux

Tiny Core Linux

Tiny Core Linux 6.3 is the latest stable build of the very minimalist Linux distribution and features an 15MB FLTK/FLWM desktop(!)


  • tce-load: exit if fromwhere doesn’t exist
  • tc-config: nfs4 patch from gerald_clark
  • tce-load: separate the listing and handling loops, patch from aswjh
  • tce-audit: fix adding missing extensions to tce_lst
  • tce-setup: move extension loop to tce-load, 4% speedup in CorePlus tce-setup time from aswjh
  • tce-load: simplification by aswjh
  • tce-load: simplify app_exists by aswjh
  • tce-load: -t TCEDIR patch from aswjh

* Note also that Xvesa/Xfbdev included in TinyCore and CorePlus and the Xfbdev in TinyCorePure64 have been updated to the latest repo version

Head over here to download Tiny Core Linux 6.3.