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Linus Torvalds flies a T33 fighter jet

Not really Linux related, but you probably don’t want to miss this… It wasn’t known to the public that Linus Torvalds does like to fly fighter jets, until now!

Linus Torvalds in a T33 fighter jet

Linus Torvalds in a T33 fighter jet

On his Google Plus page he shows his love for fighter jets by showing some cool pictures of his flight.

“Not many people know this about me, but in between kernel pulls I relax by doing fighter jet rides.” Linus Torvalds continues “That’s me in the back. I should have a higher-res one later when you can see my face. Or at least read my name on the fuselage, because with the mask it’s not like you can really see much of my face even in high-res.”

Head over here to his Google Plus page to see it for yourself.