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It runs on Linux

Plasma Phone OS, another Linux based smartphone operating system

Linux on your Smartphone does exists for years with Android, Tizen, Sailfish OS and Ubuntu. Now there is Plasma Phone OS. Today the developers from KDE Plasma Mobile anounced their latest project, named after their Linux desktop environment.

KDE Plasma Phone OS

KDE Plasma Phone OS

According to the KDE Plasma Mobile developers; Plasma Phone OS is a complete software stack for mobile devices and includes the following libre technologies:

  • Plasma Mobile (a Plasma-based shell)
  • KWIN/KWayland
  • Voicecall
  • Ofono
  • RIL
  • OHM
  • Telepathy

Plasma Phone OS allows you to run several Qt-based applications on top of it, for example:

  • Plasma apps
  • Sailfish OS based apps
  • Ubuntu Touch based apps
  • Nemo based apps

If you have a Nexus 5 you can download Plasma Phone OS here. Be warned though, this version is still very experimental.

At the video below you can see Plasma Phone OS in action.