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How Intel sees the future of (small) computers

At the Intel Developers Forum in China last week, Intel was discussing some of the latest trends, regarding small computers.

Intel - roadmap

Intel – Value Proposition

Compute Stick

Intel provided more details about their upcoming Compute Stick (HDMI dongle) & how they see the future, regarding small computers. The Compute Stick will feature a full-fledged PC, which you can plugin to your TV, or monitor.

Small form factor PC

A new form factor for small PC’s will be introduced this year; a sub-1 liter “socketed” mini PC board. This is a 5.8-inch x 5.5-inch small motherboard, which houses a 35 watt processor & will also be fanless, like the upcoming Compute Stick & will feature 2 mini PCI Express slots & 2 SODIMM slots for memory.

“No Wire” Mini PC

Intel envisions a future where small computers are free from wires. You won’t need to plug in a power cable or use wires to connect to a display, keyboard, or mouse. Intel will push their WiDi wireless display technology & is talking about battery-powered motherboards, with wireless charging technology. Keyboards & mice will be connected by Bluetooth, just like you already see on Tablets, Smartphones, Desktops & Laptops.

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