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OpenELEC 5.0.7 available

The OpenELEC team announced OpenELEC 5.0.7 & is the next stable release, which is a feature release & the successor of OpenELEC-4.2.



The major change in this release is the update from XBMC 13 (Gotham) to Kodi 14.2 (Helix) & the big switch from XBMC to the Kodi branding.

Many Raspberry Pi users have problems with the power management of the USB ports & with this release OpenELEC can now provide up to 1.2 Amp to the USB ports enabling you to connect more power hungry USB devices directly to the Raspberry PI. (This feature requires a 2 ampere micro USB power supply.)

Other notable changes include a version bump from v3.16 to v3.17 Linux kernel & a switch from OpenSSL to LibreSSL following the heartbleed disclosure. The LibreSSL package includes better licensing & allows OpenELEC to be simplified by removing support for other cryptographic libraries such as GnuTLS. The Raspberry Pi-2 is now also supported & downloads are available here.

The full changelog is available here.